• Divan bed Morfeo
  • Divan bed Morfeo
  • Divan bed Morfeo
  • Divan bed Morfeo
  • Divan bed Morfeo
  • Divan bed Morfeo
  • Divan bed Morfeo
  • Divan bed Morfeo

Divan bed Morfeo

Regular price $734.00

It’s not a bed, but you can do everything in it. This ottoman is perfect for reading, relaxing or watching a film. Combine it with accessories: up to two Morfeo mattresses, our cushions or backrests (not included).



Weight: 21 kg

Dimensions: 320 x 1900 x 950 mm
(height x width x depth)

Materials: natural solid pine

Fabric: Linen cushions not included in the price.

Design: ©Carles Riart By BEC1972

Choose the textile

  • Marboré


  • Marboré


  • Marboré soft


  • Marboré


30 days free

Delivery at your home
or at street level

certified wood and
with 5 year warranty


Designed by
Carlos Riart

Carles Riart (Barcelona, 1944), es una figura clave del diseño nacional. Su obra se caracteriza por reinterpretar diseños tradicionales y llenarlos de nuevos significados post-modernos sobreponiendo la artesanía a lo industrial con técnicas manuales.

Despreocupado por las tendencias y las modas, Carles ha logrado trascender con piezas icónicas en las que priman la perdurabilidad y el confort de quienes las disfrutan.

And this does not end here

Blanket BEC1972

We deliver each piece with a protective blanket. To wrap all the work and care put into them. And for all the future uses that you want to give it.

Wood sign BEC1972

A sample of the power of your imagination. Each product comes with a wood sample so you can try different finishes.

A collection designed for you, by BEC1972. An editor that puts furniture at your disposal for the well-being of people.