We design spaces that improve people’s lives. Spaces for well-being.

Muebles de madera maciza

Because it all started with an idea: a future in which all people live better lives. And that idea became our purpose. The purpose of working for the well-being of people through furniture and home design.

BEC1972 was born as a furniture publisher. A publisher that provides you with furniture that complies with the way we see the world. From small-size pieces of furniture that we ourselves design, to collections with partners who share our principles.

We draw on the past of Industrias BEC and all the knowledge acquired over these decades of architecture and design: from the assembly and production of television sets in the 80s, to the shaping of historic events such as the Barcelona Olympic Games and the Seville Expo.

Every set, pavilion and exhibition at Industrias BEC is the basis of what we do. And everything we do, is the basis of what will follow.

Our final destination, comprising all of our shared principles

We work for the well-being of people.

- 01

We work for the future, not just for the now

- 02

We work for regular customers who understand the implicit values of objects

- 03

We work in a sustainable way, looking out for future generations

- 04

Our aim is to create objects that convey our philosophy

- 05

We work with those who, like us, want to change the future

- 06

We use craftsmanship through the eyes of innovation

- 07

We are inspired by Barcelona as the epicentre of change

- 08

Our aim is to provide functional, psychological and poetic comfort

- 09

Our vision is ground-breaking, our spirit, transformative

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